At this time of the year, many parents are looking at new school opportunities for their child.  
At Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang, we believe the best way to evaluate a school is by its core values, and it's academic strength. As an international school with an international outlook, we value open-minded questioning and independent thinking for our students, across all aspects of our British international curriculum. We value balance and the holistic development of children, ensuring them the opportunity to learn who they are, and importantly, who they might become. Please enjoy this video introduction to our college by Headmaster, Mr David Ingram.

So what can parents expect from the Dulwich Chinese programme?

Our Chinese native programme is designed by a team of Chinese education experts and follows the requirements of the IBDP programme. Starting in the Junior School, our programme focuses on developing language acquisition through understanding and interpretation, as well as developing the skills for independent critical thinking. The programme is lively and highly creative. It challenges students to communicate expressively. These skill sets are critical in order to achieve outstanding results in the IB Diploma (A) native pathway examination. Dulwich International students consistently receive top marks in this examination, as a result of the depth of our programme.

To learn more, join our Open Days on 11 November or 3 December.

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In 2012, a very well respected British organisation called the UK National Trust compiled a report called ‘Natural Childhood’ (by Stephen Moss).  It examined the shift in the childhood experiences of the current and previous generations, and identified that, due to many barriers – including living in big cities - our children today are facing a “Nature Deficit Disorder.” In simple terms, they are missing out on the joys and educational discoveries of connection with the natural world.

This week, our students aged 7 to 12 years old (Year 3 – Year 7) packed their own camping bags, left their homes and the city far behind them – many for the first time – to spend one week experiencing new lessons and adventures that form part of a Dulwich international education. Our students learned to build catapults, to study and navigate maps, to safely hike

in forests, to create effective shelters out of natural materials, to make fire, to climb, abseil and camp out. This week, we are proud to say that 100% of our students stepped out of their comfort zone to experience learning beyond books.

Why? Because at Dulwich we place great importance on developing the life skills that your child will need when they graduate in 2025, and beyond. These include stepping out of your comfort zone, working in a team, learning in new environments,designing, creating, succeeding and failing, and trying again - together – for a successful outcome.

12 Dulwich College International students receive top exam results in China, 3 top in the world

Dulwich College International students excelled in their Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A-level examinations. 12 students from Dulwich College International schools have achieved the best scores in the China in their subjects. In addition, three students were ranked number one in the world, with seven students ranked in the top ten worldwide. These students are receiving Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for achieving these remarkable results.

Students at the Dulwich International High Schools in Zhuhai and Suzhou preformed exceptionally well – receiving examination results were not just the best in the country but worldwide. Mandy Z from Dulwich International High School in Zhuhai achieved the highest score for IGCSE mathematics and Qingyi D from Dulwich International High School Suzhou achieved the highest score for additional mathematics at IGCSE in the world.

Jingyi X, from Dulwich International High School Suzhou achieved an AS-Level music score that placed her second in the world. Betty W graduated from Dulwich International High School in Zhuhai and is currently in her first year at the Royal College of Music in London, and was placed fourth in the world for A-Level music. Likewise, Zhuo L, graduated from Dulwich International High School Suzhou with an examination result that ranks sixth in the world in Computing at A-Level.

Three students from Dulwich College Suzhou, two students from Dulwich College Shanghai and two from Dulwich College Beijing achieved the best examination results in China across a range of subjects. Dulwich College Beijing student Yujin H achieved the highest score in the world in Chinese as a foreign language IGCSE and Lyndsey K from Dulwich College Suzhou achieved the top examination result in China for both geography and English literature.

John Todd, Regional Director of Schools said that he was thrilled with the outstanding achievements of so many Dulwich College International students
“It is wonderful to see success in line with our high academic aspirations. I also want to acknowledge the commitment of our students to service, sport and the arts in addition to their academic studies.” 


6 weeks ago, Dulwich Minhang students experienced the The House Sorting Ceremony, which took place in the school’s grand theatre. During the ceremony, students learned about the traditions of the 4 Dulwich Houses, named after Song, Yung, Earhart and Shackleton – two male, two female, two Western, two Chinese, and together, four visionaries who amplify the spirit of being a passionate pioneer and advocate across their chosen fields. All of whom faced failure, but were rich in spirit, and believed they could…Today, our students brought the spirit of their 4 Dulwich houses to life with our first HOUSE DAY.

The focus of the House Day was:

1. Heritage

2. Collaboration

3. Creativity

4. Competition

These 4 tenants were demonstrated through 4  tasks requiring students of different ages to work creatively together to deliver a final product. The tasks required collaboration across art, design, science and music.

The students designed their own House logo, they composed and performed their own House Cheering song, and they worked together to design a towering structure made of spaghetti, which could safely protect and balance a marshmallow!

The day culminated in an competitive sports tournament with Earhart House emerging victorious. 

Throughout the day, children experienced a wonderful balance of joy and laughter, together with frustration and failure. 

In the eyes of our Dulwich teachers – it was a most perfect day.

Australian artist, Jared Williamson recently hosted an Art Masterclass at Dulwich Minhang. 

Jared follows a unique process for developing his artworks. The paint that he uses comes directly from the environment around him. He grinds rocks, stones, bricks and tiles into powders and small particles which create the colours that appear in his paintings.

During the masterclass, Jared showed examples of his works that have been exhibited in galleries around China and Australia. He then took students through the process of making their own paint and using this to create their artwork. The group went for a walk in our surrounding gardens, to find their own materials to use for paint, and the paint-making process began.

Jared spoke to the students about finding forms in their paintings and related these to one of his favourite Spanish artists, Joan Miro. He explained how Miro found inspiration from artistic accidents and used these to help his painted compositions. 

The masterclass ended with a fruitful group discussion and many of the class attendees expressed interest in continuing the creative process, making paints from things they found in their own gardens at home.

  • 37.2
    IB Average points for Dulwich College International vs global average 30.07
  • 1 in 3 
    Achieved 40+ points. (Top score is 45 points.)
  • 100%
    Achieved 6 or 7 points in IB Higher Mandarin. (Top score is 7 points.)
  • Global Alumni
    Approximately 35% of graduates go to top universities in the UK and 35% to the US and Canada. The remaining 30% attend other leading universities around the world. 
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