Questions for us?

Below are a number of questions that members of the Admissions Team are often asked by families.


Who can attend Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang?
In its opening year, Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang will accept students from 2 – 13 years old in the Toddler classes through to Year 7. Our students are placed in the appropriate year levels on the basis of the child’s age before September 1st of the year of application.

Our College is academically selective and as an international school, our College is permitted to enrol students with an overseas passport or birth certificate. We enrol students who are likely to thrive in the College’s academic programme. The primary language of the classroom is English and to ensure our students receive the support they need, we assess the level of English of non-native speakers. Please contact our admissions team to find out more about eligibility.

Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang will limit the number of children requiring English as an Additional Language (EAL) support in each class.

What is English as an Additional Language (EAL)?

Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme is designed to enable students who have had little exposure to English language to develop fluency and competence in English, so that they may be able to benefit from the English National Curriculum at the College. We limit our enrolment of students needing EAL support per class depending on the level of support needed. The College may limit the enrolment of students in the same class coming from the same country, or whose mother tongue happens to be the same language. We do not limit the number of non-native English speakers in the Toddler classes, as at this age, all children are learning the building blocks of our shared language.

What is Additional Educational Needs Language (AEN)?

Students with Additional Educational needs are those who have been identified as requiring either support or enrichment at some level throughout all or some of their time at the College. This includes those students who will benefit from extra English language support (EAL) or may be described as ‘gifted and talented’.

Does the College offer Learning Support and facilities for students with special educational needs?

Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang is academically selective and offers a culturally and academically enhanced English National Curriculum. We do not offer an additional curriculum to those with special learning needs. However, our teachers and EAL Specialists may be able to provide assistance to students who find particular aspects of the curriculum challenging. We enrol students with learning challenges when the information available indicates that the student’s learning needs can be met by the services we provide.

Admission to the College

When should I apply for a place at the College?

We welcome applications all year round and students will be able to join the College any time throughout the academic year upon opening. Waiting lists may have to put in place for some year groups, so parents are encouraged to apply early for a place at the College. Please click here to apply.


What does the testing part of the admissions process involve?

Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang is an academically selective school. Families applying for places for children under the age of 7 are asked to meet with one of our experienced Early Years teachers. This is so we can learn about your child and ensure that they will benefit from the education we offer.

Families applying for places in Year 1 and Year 2 (for students aged 5 - 7) will be encouraged to share their literacy and numeracy skills, where appropriate. Families will be asked to provide previous reports from their child’s previous school or kindergarten as well as a confidential report from their previous class teacher. Wherever possible, we also like our students to enjoy a brief visit in the appropriate year group.

Families applying for places in Years 3 - 7 (for students aged 7 - 12) are asked to take the Cognitive Ability Test (CAT), which consists of verbal, quantitative and non-verbal assessments. We also require those students to do a written English Assessment. Our academic staff will review test results, previous school records and the confidential report. Students may also be asked to spend some time in a class. Those students who may require additional educational support, including English as an Additional Language support, will need to sit additional assessments to further evaluate their readiness to access the curriculum and College environment.

I do not plan to visit Shanghai before we move. Where can my child be tested?

Academic assessments can be arranged at your child’s current school if you are living overseas.



Do you have a waiting list?

Where there are more qualified candidates than places available, we establish a waiting list and offer placements to students as and when they become available.

How are admissions prioritised?

We enrol students in accordance with the spaces available in the appropriate year level. When few places are available, we will give priority to the siblings of enrolled students. Other applicants are allocated places in accordance with our Language Support Policy.


Class size

How big are your classes?

There are a maximum of 12 students in our Toddlers classes (for students aged 2). Classes are lead by a highly qualified teacher and a suitable number of Assistant Teachers to maintain a 4:1 student – teacher ratio. In Nursery and Reception classes (for students aged 3-5), we allow a maximum of 16 students and from Years 1 to 7 there are a maximum of 22 students per class.

What are your student/teacher ratios?

Each class is led by a fully qualified teacher and an appropriate number of Assistant Teachers. In each class in the DUCKS and Junior School, we apply a student-teacher ratio of 4:1 in Toddlers classes (for students aged 2) and a ratio of 8:1 is maintained in Nursery and Reception classes (for students aged 3-5).


School Lunches

Does the College offer school lunches?


Do you accommodate children with food allergies?

All dishes offered by our catering provider are clearly labelled to make it easier for students to recognise the food on the menu. Further, Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang is a nut free school. Our catering provider does not cook with nuts or use nuts in any of their dishes. We request that parents and staff refrain from taking food containing nuts into school.

Can my child bring lunch to school?


What time do the children eat lunch?

The timing of lunch is dependent on the student’s age and timetable.


Do students wear a uniform?

All students at Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang (with the exception of Toddlers) must wear the school uniform with black, leather school shoes.

Where can I buy it? 

The school uniform will be available for purchase from the Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang uniform shop before the start of the 2016 academic school year.


Do you offer bus service?

The College will run a bus service for children in Nursery and above (age 3 and above). Buses will depart after the end of the school day and there will be additional buses for students attending the regular Extra-Curricular Activities programme.

What if my child stays at school late for activities? Can he/she still get a bus home?

There will be additional buses put on for students attending the regular Extra-Curricular Activities programme.


About the College

What curriculum is taught at the College?

The youngest students at Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, from Toddler to Reception (students age 2 - 5). From Year 1 to Year 7 our teaching follows the English National Curriculum, enhanced and adapted to serve the academic and pastoral needs of our student body.

What are your school hours?

Students are in school for registration at 8.30am and the school day finishes at 3.30pm, with extra curricular activities for older students after school.

What After-school Activities does the College offer?

Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang offers an extensive range of clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities. These are offered on an optional basis as part of the tuition fees. In addition, a number of out-sourced providers offer activities at the College to complement the expertise of the staff i.e. ballet, martial arts. There is an additional charge for these activities.


What languages does the College teach?

Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang offers a comprehensive Mandarin language and cultural programme. Mandarin will be taught as a foreign language, second and native language and will be streamed according to ability, from absolute beginner to native speaker. In addition to our Mandarin programme, Senior School student can choose to learn French or Spanish. Budding linguists can continue to study their chosen languages as part of their IGCSE and further academic qualifications.


How much homework will my child get?

The amount of homework students at Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang will receive is dependent on each student’s age and timetable. Homework tasks are assigned with clear objectives designed to enhance student learning, and with reasonable deadlines.


Our community

Where do your teachers come from?

Our teachers are predominantly from the UK, alongside other English speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and US. Our language teachers will often come from countries where the language is native - such as China for Mandarin. All teachers are fully qualified with a minimum of two years of teaching experience, our expected average is around 8-10 years’ experience.

What specialist teaching do you have?

In its first year of operation the College will have specialist teachers for art and design, computer studies, English, humanities, mathematics, Mandarin and other modern foreign languages (MFL), music, sport and science.

Are there opportunities for new parents to become involved in the College?

Yes, as either a member of the parent organisation called Friends of Dulwich and/or as a volunteer in the classroom. As a parent you belong to our ‘Friends’ organisation. This group has been formed to help forge a real sense of community at our school for all parents, students and staff. Teachers are also members. It will also give us the means to contribute to our local community and the wider locale within Shanghai. Friends of Dulwich help keep all our families informed about what is happening at the school and in the wider community. This will be done through social events and fund raising activities organised throughout the year. Parents are always welcome at Friends of Dulwich and we look forward to welcoming you to the College.

Is Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang involved in any projects in the local community?

Our students and staff will be involved in a variety of activities and programmes within the community and our facilities will be open to the local community when not being used for school activities.

Contact our Admissions team

To contact our Admissions team with questions about the application process, please call +8621 3329 9310 or email


  • 2000 Qian Pu Jing Road, Maqiao, Minhang, Shanghai, China, 201111 
  • 上海德威外籍人员子女学校浦西校区, 中国上海市闵行区马桥镇, 茜浦泾路2000号, 邮编:201111
  • T (+86) 21 3329 9310


Our Heritage

Dulwich College is one of the UK's oldest independent schools, founded in South London as a boys’ school in 1619.

Our Facilities

The College campus is an expression of our learning philosophy. We offer an educational environment designed to nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of our students.

Our Approach to Learning

Our approach to learning nurtures confidence and intellectual curiosity in our students, preparing them for success in further education and life beyond.

Dual Language Learning 

Language learning is an important part of our learning philosophy at Dulwich. The primary teaching language is English, with a Dual Language approach in English and Mandarin for our youngest students.

Join the Dulwich Family

Dulwich College Shanghai opened in 2003 and is recognised as a leading international school in the city. We encourage students and parents to visit our campus to learn more about the College.

Contact us with questions

If you have any questions about applying to Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, please refer to our frequently asked questions page or contact a member of our admissions team.

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