A Spotlight On The Dulwich House System
Posted 07/15/2016 05:30PM


6 weeks ago, Dulwich Minhang students experienced the The House Sorting Ceremony, which took place in the school’s grand theatre. During the ceremony, students learned about the traditions of the 4 Dulwich Houses, named after Song, Yung, Earhart and Shackleton – two male, two female, two Western, two Chinese, and together, four visionaries who amplify the spirit of being a passionate pioneer and advocate across their chosen fields. All of whom faced failure, but were rich in spirit, and believed they could…Today, our students brought the spirit of their 4 Dulwich houses to life with our first HOUSE DAY.

The focus of the House Day was:

1. Heritage

2. Collaboration

3. Creativity

4. Competition

These 4 tenants were demonstrated through 4  tasks requiring students of different ages to work creatively together to deliver a final product. The tasks required collaboration across art, design, science and music.

The students designed their own House logo, they composed and performed their own House Cheering song, and they worked together to design a towering structure made of spaghetti, which could safely protect and balance a marshmallow!

The day culminated in an competitive sports tournament with Earhart House emerging victorious. 

Throughout the day, children experienced a wonderful balance of joy and laughter, together with frustration and failure. 

In the eyes of our Dulwich teachers – it was a most perfect day.

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