Year 13 Trip
Posted 09/25/2015 10:24AM

Today, we went on aintrepid adventure in the local neighborhood to investigate the disparities within JinQiao. We cycled down to Jin Ke Road (金科路) to evaluate the disparities between the people there and the area around school. In order to do this, we assessed factors such as sanitation, utilities and infrastructure. Then, we interviewed some of the local residents to gauge their level of satisfaction with their income, jobs and living conditions.

Through interviewing the residents, we discovered that they came from different provinces around China, namely Shan Dong and An Hui. Notably, the women were found to be especially dissatisfied with the sanitation facilities – potentially leading to gender disparities in education and employment.

Overall, this escapade has enlightened us all on the increasing inequalities within our communities. It allowed us to grasp the disparities between different groups of people worldwide on a local scale.

Charles Guo
Year 13