DUCKS Music – Week 12
Posted 11/11/2015 10:34AM

It might seem like it’s still an age away, but Christmas is now just around the corner. Our Year 1 classes are teaming up again this year to present “A Dancing Christmas Party” production. The children have been working very hard for the last couple of weeks to put on stage their Christmas production. They are doing an amazing job during the group rehearsals, learning their lines, singing the songs beautifully and dancing with lots of confidence. We are having lots of fun! The Year 1 Christmas production will be on stage Thursday 19th November from 10.00am in the Mei Lan Fang Theatre. Please join us and support the children for this wonderful production, which will certainly spark your holiday spirit.

Year 2 students continued to practice their songs on recorder using the notes B, A and G. They loved playing the song ‘Rock n’ Roll’ on recorder and had fun singing the song ‘Twinkle Twinkle Rock n’ Roll’. Here are the lyrics in case you’d like to join them when they sing it at home:

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
My dad’s got an electric guitar
You might think it’s getting old
But he loves that rock n’ roll!

The Early Years classes continued to practice their Christmas songs. We had fun ringing the bells along with the songs and singing all about Mr. Snowman. Here are the lyrics for the snowman song:

I’m a little snowman, look at me
These are my buttons, 1 2 3
These are my eyes and this is my nose
I wear a hat and scarf, brrrrrr it’s cold!

Ms. Rodica Hategan
Head of DUCKS Music