Year 11 Yangshuo Trip
Posted 11/20/2015 10:49AM

At the end of October, the Year 11 Geographers embarked on their journey to Yangshuo to take part in some experiential learning, equipped with an open mind and their best observation skills.

“During the trip we investigated the characteristics of Yangshuo's CBD, tourism patterns in the area and we also investigated the width, depth and velocity of one of Yangshuo's rivers. I felt that the best part of the Geography trip was that I was able to experience Yangshuo's scenic beauty and the fascinating features that the landscape had to offer.” Patrick Grady

“Yangshuo, being a scenic beauty overwhelmed with dramatic landscapes, was a great location for our Geography trip which helped us gain a further understanding towards all aspects of the subject, especially the fieldwork techniques. Having actually done the fieldwork activities, I find it much easier to complete Paper 4 questions, especially evaluating the human errors that occurred, as those were recurrent during our data collection! On top of that, one of the most interesting things that I learnt was the locals’ views towards tourism in Yangshuo. This gave me a chance to realise the difference perspectives, as well as the benefits and problems that the country could face.” Mao Nakano

This was a great opportunity for the students to apply their classroom learning to a real-life environment, whilst also allowing them to revise content from Year 10 and preparing them for their IGCSE examinations.