Posted 11/20/2015 10:49AM

To me, MUN is a special experience, as it is a chance for me to train myself as a speaker and a debater, a chance to step into the shoes of countries, and a chance to meet new friends. As I watched the newer members of the MUN club join the SHASMUN conference, it reminded me of my own first conference.

Less than a year ago, I attended my first conference, CISSMUN, at Concordia. I remember asking myself “What is MUN? What is this all about?”

After three days of hard-core debating over resolutions on key issues facing the world, I soon realised how MUN worked; each student in the conference was assigned a country, and had to act and talk as if they were a delegate representing the assigned country’s government.

This years’ SHASMUN was no different. DCS students were assigned to different committees of MUN, such as my committee of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in which I had an opportunity to represent Uganda.

In the first day, we split into groups, where lobbied our own resolutions together. With the delegates of Bolivia, Austria and Portugal, we were able to form a resolution that was detailed and well written, which was submitted to the chair for approval. After gaining our approval in the morning of the second day, we commenced our debate regarding the resolution with other delegates in the committee. In the heated 90 minutes of discussion with the rest of the committee, many delegates, including myself, made speeches and amendments, in order to improve our resolution and make it more concise and effective. Unfortunately, even after these amendments, our resolution did not pass, since there weren’t enough people who voted ‘for’ for our resolution. Despite this failure, I continued to make speeches, questions and amendments for other people’s resolutions. In the end, 3 of the 5 resolutions were passed with an overwhelming majority.

In all, I believe that SHASMUN has not only allowed me to improve as a writer and a speaker, but through this experience, I also became more aware of the world around me, allowing me to reach my full potential as a global citizen.

Jay Yu