Student Council News 24 March
Posted 03/24/2017 06:51PM

This week the Junior and Senior School student council met for the first time. Next week, the DUCKS Student Council will hold their first meeting. 

The council discussed with Mr Leaver and Mr McLaughlin what the school expect of a Dulwich College student council member and the group introduced themselves to each other. The upcoming Dulwich events were discussed such as our Grand Opening Ceremony next week and Mr Webber spoke about the ECO award and how the student council can help to play a role in the development of DCSM becoming an ECO friendly school.

 All of the students were extremely enthusiastic and showed exactly why they were voted by their peers to be part of the council. The council will be creating a competition for the whole school to vote on what the DCSM nickname should be. This will take place after the spring break. There was lots of excitement around the table as the pupils discussed various names such as the Minhang Mustangs, the Minhang Minotaurs, and the DCSM Hurricanes!

The school council will all meet together after the spring break and the next process will be to develop a strong council that will provide the voice of the students within the school.